Thailand: available yachts for rent, bareboat charter

Yacht rent in Thailand is better to plan on the sailing season. Hire a skipper or choose a bareboat yacht charter service to sail in Thailand by yourself. Our yacht booking database contains 44 boats starting from 1100 for sailing holidays or for a real trip around the world.

We didn't find anything for your request. Perhaps what you are looking for is in another period. You can contact the manager to discuss other details.

You could see another side of Thailand only with boat rental — without noisy tourists or queues, just you, the sun and the sea, or even the ocean. So go rent a yacht, hire a crew, hostess cock skipper (all the staff) or hold a boat's wheel by yourself and get ready for the sailing vacation in Thailand that you could only imagine!

Frequently asked questions about yacht rent in Thailand

⛵ When is the boat charter season in Thailand?

The best time for boat vacation in Thailand is from November to March, during the cool monsoon season. But Thailand is open for travel on a boat all year round. Just keep in mind before bareboat that the rainy season begins in the region from May to October.

⛵ Do I need a visa to rent a boat in Thailand?

No, citizens of most countries do not need a visa to Thailand.

⛵ Where can I find and book a boat charter in Thailand?

Boat charters in Thailand are concentrated in Phuket. Therefore, we recommend starting your bareboat from this city.

⛵ The best airport for boat charter in Thailand?

Thailand's best and largest airport is Suvarnabhumi in Bangkok. You can also get to the older Don Mueang Airport, which is still operational. Phuket also has an international airport which is smaller.