Norway: available yachts for rent, bareboat charter

Yacht rent in Norway is better to plan on the sailing season. Water temperature +9...+17 °, air temperature +18...+22 °, and wind speed 10 - 20 knots are perfectly fits for yachting in the Norway. Hire a skipper or choose a bareboat yacht charter service to sail in Norway by yourself. Our yacht booking database contains 22 boats starting from 1377€ for sailing holidays or for a real trip around the world.

Near Bergen, Tromso, Stavanger, Svolver, Longyearbyen.

We didn't find anything for your request. Perhaps what you are looking for is in another period. You can contact the manager to discuss other details.

You could see another side of Norway only with boat rental — without noisy tourists or queues, just you, the sun and the sea, or even the ocean. So go rent a yacht, hire a crew, hostess cock skipper (all the staff) or hold a boat's wheel by yourself and get ready for the sailing vacation in Norway that you could only imagine!

Frequently asked questions about yacht rent in Norway

⛵ What do you need for bareboat charter in Norway?

To rent a boat, you need a skipper license that allows sailing on such vessel in Norway. For example, IYT, RYA, MYA, ISSA or any other valid skipper certificate.

Or you can rent a boat with skipper. In this case, you won’t need a license.

⛵ When will I get the boat in Norway and when do I need to return it?

The charter period in Norway starts and ends on Saturdays. You take the boat on Saturday afternoon and return it in a week. Please note that most boat charter companies recommend returning the boat on Friday evening.

⛵ How to choose a boat in Norway?

1. Set a goal. Why do you need a boat? You can rent a yacht in Norway for a regatta. Or just to drink prosecco from an ice glass in a luxury place.

2. Select the marina to start from.

3. Pick the boat. They vary by technical equipment, layout, leisure options, size and number of seats.

In questions concerning boat rental, we recommend trusting professionals. Talk with your captain, experienced friends or even the Sailica team, after all.

⛵ What is included in the price of a boat charter in Norway?

Usually, the basic price includes boat rental costs only. You can add to it additional options such as skipper and hostess services, outboard boat motor, sup rental, electric grill, etc.

⛵ Can I rent a boat with skipper in Norway?

Skipper services cost on average € 100-150 per day + meals. The price more or less depends on the boat you wish to rent. Most likely, you or your friends know some skippers. If not, we can help. We have a list of trusted, experienced skippers who sail near Norway.

⛵ How to rent a boat in Norway?

1. Go to and select the vessel you require: bareboat charter or boat rental with the crew, sailboat, catamaran or motorboat, etc.

2. Send a request.

3. Our manager will contact you to clarify your request and advise on any details on sailing in Norway.

4. The final step is to sign the freight contract and pay for the boat, in part or in full. Payment can be made directly with a card or in any other convenient way (SWIFT, Western Union, etc.)

5. Enjoy your vacation on the boat, leave a review and tell your friends about us.

⛵ Can I take children on a bareboat charter in Norway?

Yes, definitely. It depends on the child’s temper, but most children like sailing. The most dangerous thing in this situation is your child enrolling sailing school after the trip. For your wallet, of course.

You can additionally order a safety net for children up to 5 years old.

⛵ How much money should I take on a sailing trip in Norway?

It all depends on the type of sailing in Norway, on the company you’ve chosen to travel with, on the level of income, etc.

Sailica advice: take as much money as recommends the embassy of the country you are travelling to. All this information is publicly available on the Internet.

⛵ How to make a sailing itinerary from Norway?

If you rent a yacht with a captain, read guides and tips written by experienced tourists, search Google Maps and read articles about the region.

Then make a wishlist and show it to your boat captain. He will create a route combining his knowledge and your list.

And if your team planning to hire a bareboat charter in Norway has its own skipper or captain, look for routes in Sailica journal.

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