Rent a yacht, bareboat yacht charter

Yacht charter is the best way to diversify your vacation and enjoy unforgettable sea views. Hire a crew (skipper / hostess / cook) or use the bareboat yacht charter service without a skipper to steer the boat personally. In the catalogue of yachts for rent from Sailica, you will find offers for both lovers of a relaxing holiday and yachtsmen who cannot imagine life without the sea or the ocean.

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Taking advantage of a yacht rental, you will see the world from a completely different perspective and explore the coastal surroundings and uninhabited islands. Check out our massive selection of boats and hurry up to charter a yacht for your perfect sailing vacation!

FAQ about yach charter

How to choose a yacht for your trip?

Decide on the type and the size of the yacht, the number of seats. Consider, you need a yacht for a fast regatta or a leisurely cruise. Choose a convenient marina to start your trip and decide on the yacht manufacturer. Yachts differ from each other in layout and technical equipment.

Skippered or bareboat charter - what to choose?

If you have the skipper license required to operate the yacht, you can manage the yacht personally. If you do not have one or you want to relax while the trip and not to be distracted by yacht management, yacht rent with a skipper is the best option.

Which countries are the best for a yachting vacation?

It depends on the season and your preferences. Summertime it is best to relax in the northern hemisphere, wintertime - in the southern. There are also countries where yachting is possible all year round.

What do you need for a bareboat charter?

For the bareboat charter, you will need a skipper's license to operate the yacht. Also, remember that certifications vary, and not each is suitable for operating a boat in the chosen country for a sail.

When will I get the yacht, and when should I need to return it?

You'll get the yacht on Saturday, and in a week, on Saturday, you must return it. It is necessary to return the boat early in the morning, but most companies are recommended to return it on Friday evening.

What does the yacht charter price include?

The base price includes only yacht rent. Additionally, you can order an outboard engine, skipper service, internet on the board etc.

Can I take children on a bareboat charter?

You have to! Of course, it all depends on the child's character, but most of them like yachting. Maybe after family yachting your child would desire to become a professional yachtsman and win some world regattas.

How can I create a sailing itinerary?

Our guide contains a large number of yacht routes. You can also write out the places you want to visit and show them to your skipper, and he will lay down the ideal course for you. Use Google Maps to find locations, read reviews of tourists and various articles about the region.