Yacht Charter in Puerto Rico

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It is easy to hire a yacht in Puerto Rico Island with Sailica. Our managers will help you to make a choice, plan a route, find the best boat rental prices in Puerto Rico and get acquainted with the nuances of sailing in the region. Even in high season, you can find yachts at Sailica at hot prices. Yacht rentals with a skipper are possible for beginners.

Yacht Charter in Puerto Rico

This paradise island in the Caribbean is friendly for tourists and yachtsmen. But there are some nuances that are better to know, especially if you plan to visit it for the first time.

The holiday season in Puerto Rico lasts from December to May which is also high season for yachting. In the remaining months, there may be storms, tropical rains and strong winds.

You will need a US visa for visiting, which can be issued at the US Embassy.

The language of communication is Spanish and English.

Currency: US dollar.

Puerto Rico’s marinas offer a huge selection of routes. However, it is necessary to coordinate them with the Puerto Rican charter boat company, since the nearest water spaces also belong to Cuba, Mexico and Venezuela.

You can get to the fabulous island by flight to the airport in San Juan or by ferry from Santo Domingo (Dominican Republic). If there are no direct flights from your country, you need to fly with a transfer via the USA.

Sights and Holidays in Puerto Rico

In January, the sailing yacht season reaches its peak. At this time, you can not just enjoy sailing but also visit the St. Sebastian dance festival in San Juan.

In February, you can become a spectator or a carnival participant in the Ponce town carnival that lasts a week.

It is worth seeing the world’s largest radio telescope, designed to search for extraterrestrial life forms in space.

There are also rallies and regattas constantly held on the island. And nearest bays contain a huge selection of diving locations.

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