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Отзывы о Марина Арресифе

The Non-Conformist
If you ever get he chance to visit, I would definitely encourage you to try the mini cinema type place they have with the 3D clips/mini movies. I did a tour of the town first and then had some lunch in the marina. While doing my after lunch walk around the marina, my friend and I decided to try the 3D package. The cost was about 20euros I think and we watched three different clips. It was really exciting because it was my friend's first time in a 3D setting with that my much movement. I don't want to give away too much, but it's a nice experience. Additionally, if you are pressed for time like we were, it's a great opportunity explore the island in the comfort of the cinema. The attendant was very helpful and gave a great introduction before we began. We even got a small orange heart magnet as a gift.
wayne mather
It was a nice area with a fair amount of shops and eateries for a marina. Only 4 stars as I cannot comment on its marina facilities. Overall though, the place looked very well kept and clean.
Chris Pearson
Nice marina, clean facilities. 10 minute walk in to town got some great restaurants. WiFi was a bit touch and go.
Melanie Tippett
A beautiful picturesque fishing village. Quiet and pretty. ..
Jarvo Jarvis
If you are staying on a boat in the Marina paying expensive mooring fees this place keeps you up all night. Wrong type of place for the setting. Plenty of other places to have nightclubs and on Lanzarote there are hundreds. Can't comment on actual place should be open after midnight in this location.