Yacht Charter in Milas

Information about Milas

Milas is a small Turkish town located in the province of Mugla. This place is not that famous among tourists, especially from the CIS countries, but this does not make it worse than other popular resorts. To some extent, it is even better. Of course, there are no "all inclusive" fashionable hotels, but the sea in the area of Milas is as beautiful as in other places, the climate is just as mild, and people are welcoming as well. And it affects the prices significantly. In Milas, you can rent a room much cheaper than, for example, in neighboring Bodrum. This is especially good for those who are looking for the beauties of nature and not hotels.

One of the best ways to explore the beauty of the bay is the sea voyage. Renting a yacht, you can plunge into the nature of the Turkish province and enjoy its charming landscapes. In this area, you can rent a yacht at the Gyokova Milas Marina. This marina is quite new, which is mainly for sailing vessels, but motor ones can moor as well. Renting any of them, you can see the islands of Yedi Adalar, Okluk Koyu Bay, Karacaören Koyu Bay, Sedir Adası Island (these are the main local natural sites) personally and in a short time because all of them are close enough (up to 10 nautical miles).

Entertainment in Milas is represented mainly with hotels and local restaurants offerings, as well as natural beauty and water activities (for example, water motorcycle riding). This town is perfect for those who appreciate a quiet and relaxing holiday in a beautiful and private place, as well as families with children. If you want to plunge into history, you can go to neighboring Milas. The list of entertainment is more impressive there.

Historical sites and ancient architectural monuments:

  • The Roman monumental crypt (second century BC). This ancient two-storey building attracts both fans of the history of Ancient Rome and legends.
  • Historical Turkish buildings of the Ottoman Empire era. There are a lot of such buildings in the city.

Religious sites:

  • Orhan Bay Mosque (built in 1330)
  • The Great Mosque (built in 1378)

In Bodrum which is next to Milas is the international airport. A more distant option is the Dalaman airport. The distance from Milas to it is not big — just three hours or so by bus. The transportation traditionally for Turkey is provided by Havaş. Alternatives are still the same — a taxi or your own rented car. By the way, you can get to Bodrum by ferry, and from there to Milas by bus.

Best activities in Milas
Historical sites
  • Architectural monuments
  • The Roman monumental crypt
  • Historical Turkish buildings
Religious sites
  • Orhan Bay Mosque
  • The Great Mosque
Airports in Milas
Milas–Bodrum Airport BJV
Sailing season
Travel season

Milas is located between Bodrum and Akyaka and is washed by the Gyokov Gulf which is one of the most beautiful Turkish bays. The key beauty of this bay is the color of the water. The Aegean Sea shines with different colors, sometimes it can be bright blue and sometimes it can be turquoise.