Yacht Charter in Sant Carles de la Rapita

Information about Sant Carles de la Rapita

San Carlos de la Rapita is a town in Catalonia, situated on Costa Dorada, the golden coast of Spain. The wide flat beaches alternate here with the numerous fish restaurants. Along the coast sailing and motor yachts ply, broadside on which it is so enjoyable to catch a pike perch, a hake, a dorado or some of the dozens of local fish species. Would you like to take a boat tour in the Catalonia waters? Few words about yacht rent in San Carlos de la Rapita.

Why do yachtsmen prefer San Carlos de la Rapita?

The town stands at the mouth of the Ebro River which flows into a small lagoon. The wind is quieter here than in the Mediterranean itself. Such conditions are suitable for skippers with minimal experience. To spend time aland you could moor at one of the marinas or anchor at the flat, often deserted, shore.

In San Carlos de la Rapita, the crew is well-placed for having a good time:

  • beaches — are the main local attraction. They are wide and covered with golden sand. There are no large stones and boulders in the narrow waters, so it is safe to have a rest with children. Garbi and Delicies received blue flags for cleanliness. There are also wild beaches, some of which are nude;
  • when the time comes to the midday, you could go to the noisy and colorful fish auction. It is not necessary to buy something, it is just enough to feel the cheerful flavor of the southern port town;
  • and to try the delicacies it is better to go to a restaurant. Local lobsters, eels and oysters are especially famous;
  • there is an opportunity to go on the excursion to the oyster farm. It stands on the lagoon where the river waters are getting mixed with the sea waters. It creates the ideal conditions for oysters;
  • another famous landmark is the Tendo Cave with a Paleolithic rock painting. On the wall of the cave, a black bull and a man under his legs are depicted.

If you want to see the folk festivals of the Catalans you сould moor in San Carlos de la Ràpita on a town day, July 25th, or on the feast of the Virgin Mary, on September 8th.

What do you need to know about the charter of yachts in San Carlos de la Rapita?

It is easy to get here as there is only 3 hours by car from the international airport of Barcelona. From San Carlos the yachtsmen usually sail south, to the coast of Valencia or north, to Barcelona. Experienced skippers could go on a cruise around the Balearic Islands.

San Carlos is a comfortable tourist place with reasonable prices and without bells and whistles. Here you could hire a great ship affordably, especially if you do it in advance.

At Sailica we try to offer the best prices for yacht rental. If you hesitate between several options, we could talk about the vessels in more detail, discuss the peculiarities of yachting in the region. To get a consultation from the Sailica manager, please submit your application online.

Best activities in Sant Carles de la Rapita
Water sports
  • Butterfly Charters
  • Delting Park
Active outdoor activities
  • Planetagua
  • La Central del Kite
  • Mestral kitesurf
Active rest
  • Sailing
  • Windsurfing
  • Catamaran
Airports in Sant Carles de la Rapita
Barcelona-El Prat Airport BCN
Sailing season
May - September
Travel season
April - October

San Carlos de la Rápita is a Spanish municipality in the province of Tarragona (Catalonia), one of the favorite places for lovers of water sports, oysters, and the nature of Spain. The town is in a bay, and the sea there is so beautiful that it cannot be described.