Yacht Charter in Girona

Information about Girona

The nature of Catalonia is an art form. The waters washing this province are famous for their purity and inexpressible play of colors, and the alternation of rocks, sand, and plants of the coast complete the picture. Renting a yacht and having a small sea voyage, you can enjoy all these things, get a lungful of sea air, dive with aqualung, or fish.

The airport of Girona (Costa Brava) is just 12 km from the town. From the air harbor to Girona there are regular buses, they run every hour, and the road takes only 25 minutes or so. Alternatively, you can use a relatively inexpensive transfer.

Best activities in Girona
Religious attractions
  • The Girona Cathedral
  • The Monastery of San Daniel
  • Church of St. Felix
  • The Saint Nicolau church
  • Convent de Sant Domènec
  • Art
  • Archeology
  • History
  • Cinema Museum
Other historical sights
  • The Gate of San Cristofol
  • Gironella Tower
  • Independence Square
  • The Gustave Eiffel Bridge
  • The Fortress Wall
  • Palau dels Agullana
Airports in Girona
Girona-Costa Brava Airport GRO
Sailing season
June - September
Travel season
May - October

Girona is a city in Catalonia, which can be considered one of the pearls of the region. This beautiful town attracts a large number of tourists from all over the world annually.