Yacht Charter in Colombia

Information about Colombia

To charter a boat in Columbia with Sailica is easy even without knowing English. Our specialists will help you to make a choice, to arrange a route, to puzzle out the boat rental prices in Columbia, and to find out the local features of the yacht rentals. Even in the peak season, you could find the sailing yachts at a reduced price at Sailica. If you are a beginner or have no captain certificate, the boat rental in Columbia with a skipper is available.

Yacht Rental in Columbia

Columbia is situated in the northwest of South America. It is washed by the waters of the Caribbean Sea and the Pacific Ocean. Therefore, the country is known not only for its rum and cigars but also for the spacious beaches and sailing yacht marinas.

There are several large international airports, so, it is not difficult to get here. Still, one must have a visa. The working language is Spanish.

The equatorial and subequatorial climate prevails with the tropical area in the west. The whole year, it is sunny and warm. There are almost no rainy days. The peak season for the yacht rentals lasts from November to April. In summer, the strong winds blow.

The charter boats in Columbia are mostly gathered in the port cities of Cartagena, Santa Maria, and Barranquilla. Starting here, it is easy to arrange a route to the east or to the north.

Columbia Routes

The water area of the Caribbean Sea is very popular among the sailing fans. The numerous islands provide opportunities to relax in retreat, the bays are convenient for mooring.

Taganga Bay, surrounded by the exotic Pacific nature, is an ideal location for sailing on the small boats and catamarans. In addition, the place is well-known for its excellent diving conditions.

The Pacific region is not so highly-demanded among those who are looking for a yacht charter in Columbia. It gives the advantage: there is always some free space in the ports. What is more, it is possible to admire the picturesque Andes just from the water. Here, there is a paradise for the fishermen as the coastal waters are full of different species of fish.

Routes and Events

The country is famous for the numerous national parks and the magnificent flora and fauna variety. The frozen volcanoes, the rainforests, and the turbulent rivers are the unforgettable sights.

The lively temperament of the locals translates into the colorful carnivals: in February — in Barranquilla, in January — in the town of Pasto. In March, tourists from all over the world come to the International Film Festival of Cartagena. In the same place, in November, there is a bright beauty contest with songs and dances.

Best activities in Colombia
Historical attractions
  • South Carolina State House
  • Adluh Flour Mill
Nature and parks
  • Saluda Shoals Park
  • Riverbanks Zoo and Botanical Garden
Water leisure
  • Cruises
  • Yachting
  • Surfing
Airports in Colombia
Bogota El Dorado International Airport BOG
Alfonso Bonilla Aragón International Airport CLO
José María Córdova International Airport MDE
Sailing season
November — April
Travel season
All the year round

Colombia is in the northwestern part of South America. This country is known for its very beautiful nature and a relatively low standard of living affects the cost of recreation.