Yacht Charter in Le Phare Bleu Marina

Reviews about Le Phare Bleu Marina

Al and Cheri
Called ahead the day before arrival to confirm reservations for mooring ball. Told on arrival they had mooring balls but were not allowed to rent them. Not only did they not offer a slip at the quoted and reserved price, they offered no apology either. We stayed a few days, at the much higher rate, and found the facility and setting very nice. However, the restaurant supervisor was incredibly rude on more than one occasion. A discussion with the owner/manager produced only excuses...no apology or offer to discount the rate. We cannot recommend this place.
Gerald Rothaus
Food was ok. Service pokey. People were nice. Places like this need to realize that the best profit is in their drinks, and it would benefit them to sell more by checking on their guests often.
Dawn Grec
Delish lunch and great place to ride out the afternoon downpour.
Alexandra Bredow
Exquisite location, all private and secluded: paradise. Yes, mosquitoes are annoying, but one can manage with lotions and creams. Amazing place to have breakfast at: the lighthouse ship. Lovely and super tasty dinners at the Deck restaurant. We've tried almost everything on the menu. Only minus on the kitchen side is, that there is nothing really child-friendly to eat. We had to buy pasta and tomato sauce at a supermarket and cook for our 4-year-old daughter. The bungalows are beautifully arranged among the palm trees and are fully equipped with all your needs and wants. The shower in our bungalow needs repair.
Charles Charles
Amazing sordfish Mango cheesecake not so much