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The yacht charter in Canada means that you leave the traditional routes in order to gain fresh experiences. The boat rental in Canada is easy to organize. You need to submit an online application for a sailing yacht. The Sailica managers will tell you in which cases the boat rental prices in Canada could be cut and share the lifehacks of the experienced skippers.

Yacht rental in Canada

The country occupies 56% of the entire world coastline. Of course, there are numerous places, ideal for a sailing holiday here. On the Atlantic coast, Hudson Bay, Newfoundland, the southern part of Quebec with the marinas of Toronto and Montreal are popular for yacht rentals. On the Pacific coast, British Columbia and Vancouver are among the most scenic and safest places for the holiday on a sailing yacht.

Canadians often prefer the inland waters — the Great Lakes and the rivers full of fish.

The country is suitable for those who want to get a skipper diploma. There are 400 yacht clubs where not only adults are taught, but also children starting from 8 years old. Here, the headquarters and the key hubs of the International Yacht Training are situated. IYT certificates are recognized worldwide.

Must-know about yachting in Canada

The country is huge, it spreads for several climatic zones. On the coast of the Atlantic, it is cold from November to April (down to -10ºС), from May to October the weather is mild, it hardly storms but it is often foggy. In spring and summer, the skippers, who charter a yacht in Canada bareboat, need to remember that in the area of Newfoundland, the fragments of icebergs could come across.

Winters are milder on the west coast, from May to October, it is warm and rainy here. The inland sea between the island of Vancouver and British Columbia is good for the skipper-beginners. It is very quiet with a lot of fjords to anchor at. One needs to be attentive in the Strait of Georgia. The speed of the flow rises, the floating logs drift.

Canada Routes

Most often, the fans of the holidays on a sailing yacht choose:
  • a journey along the coast of British Columbia (for example, Nanaimo — Secret Cove — Egmont — Hardy — Lund — The Sound of Desolation (Prideaux Haven) — Gorges Harbor — Comox — Lasketi — Nanaimo);
  • a cruise around Newfoundland (only during the summer months available);
  • a tour along Vancouver and surrounding islands (the number of routes is endless);
  • a trip to the Great Lakes (from the Atlantic coast along the St. Lawrence River or along the Erie Canal).

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